Representatives from the Cancer Center at Illinois, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and OSF HealthCare gather at the BEAT Cancer Research Initiative kickoff.

On March 30, the Cancer Center at Illinois (CCIL) and OSF HealthCare System held a kickoff reception at the College of Veterinary Medicine to announce the launching of the Breakthrough Engineering and Advanced Treatment (BEAT) of Cancer Research Initiative. The BEAT Cancer Research Initiative is a new strategic collaboration between the CCIL and OSF with the goal of transforming cancer care delivery by translating breakthrough CCIL technological advances to patients across OSF’s statewide network of oncology care.

Peter Constable, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, welcomed the attendees and shared his enthusiasm for their partnership with CCIL. CCIL Program Leader Tim Fan joined Rohit Bhargava of the CCIL and James McGee of OSF in sharing their expectations of this exciting initiative. Susan Martinis, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, concluded the activities, expressing her support for this new strategic collaboration.

Editor’s notes:

Written by the CCIL Communications Team