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Annually, millions of individuals are negatively impacted by cancer. Due to the pandemic, the future for cancer patients remains uncertain.

But your gift can change that. Every day, Cancer Center at Illinois researchers put on their masks and walk into their labs with one goal in mind: to save lives. Through your financial support, you can ensure that this lab research continues and new opportunities are funded and explored through Cancer Center at Illinois grant programs. 

Cancer Center at Illinois scientists have over a decade of collaborative experience, working with industry partners and medical centers, to create revolutionary and innovative technologies that have transformed cancer care. But, they are also looking to the future. Our scientists participate in Cancer Center at Illinois education programs, mentoring high school students through post-doctoral students, to train the next generation of cancer researchers.

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Join us in the fight against cancer.


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Cancer Center Research Building

Provide a home for our scientists and their labs to undertake ground-breaking research, supported by world-class physical resources.

Centers of Excellence

Support a specific research initiative in an interdisciplinary manner. Endowing a center of excellence will support cancer changing research, faculty, students, and equipment.


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Director’s Innovation Fund

An unrestricted fund to be used at the Director’s discretion to support pioneering, high impact research and translation, new innovative programs, and events.


Assist the Cancer Center at Illinois in retaining and supporting our current Director and invest in the recruitment of future leaders.


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Educational Programming

Train and recruit future cancer researchers. Support high school students through postdoctoral fellows working in cancer research labs.


Support faculty excellence, recruitment, and retention.

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Community support for the Cancer Center at Illinois makes an impact.

It enables transformative research to continue. It allows our imaging technology experts to provide doctors and patients with more efficient and visible cancer assessments. It offers our modeling teams the chance to dive deeply into the complex world of tissue and tumor microenvironments to better understand how to mitigate and treat cancer. It aids our scientists in creating individualized treatment plans for patients, improving cancer survival rates.