2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan

Enhance cancer research excellence with transdisciplinary collaboration

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Cancer Measurement Technology and Data Science (CMD) Program

Strategic Theme 1: Imaging — Bringing imaging diagnostics, especially rapid and molecularly-inspired, to the patient

Strategic Theme 2: Molecular Measurement — Realizing molecular measurement technologies for early detection, treatment monitoring, and personalized therapy

Strategic Theme 3: Computational Biology and Engineering — Democratizing molecular analysis, diagnosis, and decision making by enabling state of the art computing and artificial intelligence

Cancer Discovery Platforms Bridging the Engineering-Biology Continuum (CDP) Program

Strategic Theme 1. Pathways and Mechanisms — Enabling biological insight, focused on cancer pathways and mechanisms tied to outcome

Strategic Theme 2. Drug Discovery — Accelerating therapeutic discovery by advancing synthesis, computational discovery and high-throughput screening

Strategic Theme 3. Natural and Model Systems — Developing model systems for cancer research through engineered, naturally occurring, and inducible constructs

Develop and sustain organizational and physical infrastructure to propel world-class innovation

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Transform physical infrastructure for CCIL research and education

Strategic Theme 1. Enhance and develop common use facilities to promote transdisciplinary research

Strategic Theme 2. Develop plans and groundwork for the CCIL building to enhance collaborative research

Enhance collaborative infrastructure across the CCIL

Strategic Theme 3. Develop centers of excellence as interfaces between CCIL and campus research initiatives

Strategic Theme 4. Initiate a coordinated set of activities to systematically improve the translational research pipeline

Strategic Theme 5. Obtain National Cancer Institute designation as a basic cancer center

Grow CCIL Shared Resources to provide unique opportunities

Develop future leaders at the convergence of basic science, engineering, and cancer

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Strategic Theme 1. Immersive cancer-related research experiences to promote persistence in interdisciplinary research careers

Strategic Theme 2. Innovative educational models to holistically train cancer researchers

Strategic Theme 3. Professional mentoring for cancer-related career development

Strategic Theme 4. Bringing innovative concepts to cancer education, rigorous evaluation, and monitoring

Focus on synergizing and streamlining resources to advance cancer research and education

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Strategic Theme 1. Continue and develop innovative activities to enhance collaboration

Strategic Theme 2. Increase advancement capability to support CCIL growth and mission

Strategic Theme 3. Enhance the availability, quality, and use of electronic data management and planning tools in all CCIL activities

Strategic Theme 4. Streamlining administrative processes to increase administrative efficiency

Ensure that a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement enables all to achieve their full potential in cancer-related efforts

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Strategic Theme 1. Go beyond the culture of inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and engagement (IDEA&E) by emphasizing the growth and health of CCIL staff and members in our culture

Strategic Theme 2. Member hiring and development

Strategic Theme 3. Engage the scientific and local community with the CCIL