Advancing Cancer Research Through Clinical Partnerships

The Cancer Center at Illinois partners with the nation’s leading clinical institutions to exchange knowledge and move toward a cancer-free future. By gaining and sharing new approaches, we build upon our engineering and research expertise to develop transformative, holistic technological advances in cancer treatment.

Carle Foundation Hospital

The University of Illinois and Carle have formed a biomedical research alliance to foster medical discoveries, improve student educational opportunities, enhance access to clinical and translational research trials for patients in downstate Illinois, encourage recruiting specialty physicians, and provide an environment that supports collaboration. Illinois and Carle researchers share space in the new Biomedical Research Center at the Mills Breast Cancer Institute in Urbana, working jointly to address cancer health.

Exterior of Carle Foundation Hospital

Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CI Med) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is the world’s first engineering-based medical school. CI MED partners with the Cancer Center at Illinois to enhance research and bring cancer solutions from the laboratory to clinical practice. The curriculum is built at the intersection of engineering and medicine, with most courses designed by a team composed of a basic scientist, clinician, and engineer. CI MED places high value on patient-centered care, systems-based delivery, innovation and research, early clinical exposure, and educating future physician-innovators.

Carle Illinois College of Medicine students at the Medical Sciences Building.

Mayo Clinic

The University of Illinois and Mayo Clinic have a strategic alliance to promote a broad spectrum of collaborative research, develop new technologies and clinical tools, and design and implement novel education programs.

Exterior of the Mayo Clinic

OSF HealthCare

The Cancer Center at Illinois and the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute are joining forces on the Breakthrough Engineering and Advanced Treatment (BEAT) of Cancer Research Initiative, a unique opportunity for collaborative research teams to drive innovative cancer treatment and care solutions. This cooperative effort aims to significantly advance cancer research and improve patient outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and collaboration within the scientific and medical communities.

Exterior of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Center