Powerful clinical perspectives

At the Illinois Cancer Center, we’re partnering with the nation’s leading clinical institutions to exchange knowledge and insight. By gaining and sharing new approaches, we build upon our engineering and research eminence to develop transformative, holistic technological advances in cancer treatment.

Carle Cancer Center and Mills Breast Cancer Institute exterior


The University of Illinois and Carle have formed a biomedical research alliance to foster medical discoveries, improve student educational opportunities, enhance access to clinical and translational research trials for patients in downstate Illinois, encourage the recruitment of specialty physicians, and provide an environment that supports collaboration. Illinois and Carle researchers share space in the new Biomedical Research Center at the Mills Breast Cancer Institute in Urbana, working jointly to address cancer health.

Cancer Center Partnerships Lab Setting


The BRC brings Carle Health System physicians and Cancer Center at Illinois investigators together to work side-by-side on translational science — driving entrepreneurship and bringing lab discoveries to clinical practice. Located on the third floor of the Mills Breast Cancer Institute, this partnership creates a unique laboratory setting where basic sciences research is translated to real-world healthcare to create innovative solutions in diagnostics, imaging, materials, and drug delivery.

Mayo Clinic


The University of Illinois and Mayo Clinic have formed a strategic alliance to promote a broad spectrum of collaborative research, the development of new technologies and clinical tools, and the design and implementation of novel education programs.