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The Cancer Center at Illinois (CCIL) and the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute (OSF) are joining forces on the Breakthrough Engineering and Advanced Treatment (BEAT) of Cancer Research Initiative, a unique opportunity for collaborative research teams to drive innovative cancer treatment and care solutions. This cooperative effort aims to significantly advance cancer research and improve patient outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and collaboration within the scientific and medical communities.


  • Enhance productive collaborations between CCIL members and OSF clinicians.
  • Develop inspiring cancer research projects that translate into improved patient care.

Current Focus

The initiative is seeking teams to submit project proposals within proton & flash therapy, precision-guided therapies, and rapid diagnosis and staging.

Request for Proposals

The CCIL and the OSF are soliciting interdisciplinary team research proposals to initiate new collaborations and enhance existing collaborations among Illinois faculty and OSF clinicians.

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Scientific Committee Members

Timothy Fan

Timothy Fan, Committee Chair

Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois

Derek Cridebring

Derek Cridebring

Vice President, Molecular Medicine Division, TGen

Jeffrey Klopfenstein

Jeffrey Klopfenstein

Neurosurgeon, OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute

Cecilia Leal

Cecilia Leal

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois

James McGee

James McGee

Founding Director, OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute

Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson

Associate Professor, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Illinois

Kim Selting

Kimberly Selting

Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois

Contact Us

Katie Julkowski
Katie Julkowski

Program Manager
Cancer Center at Illinois

Katie Julkowski
Ryan Luginbuhl

Director of Oncology Services
OSF HealthCare

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