Wawrzyniec Dobrucki

Wawrzyniec Dobrucki

Associate Professor, Bioengineering

Areas of Research

Cancer Imaging

Wawrzyniec Dobrucki’s studies focus on developing multimodal imaging strategies to track myocardial and peripheral angiogenesis with targeted molecular imaging agents. His current research explores the effect of dietary modulation on prostatic neuroendocrine differentiation and anticancer treatment efficacy. He is currently a co-investigator for a study on breast cancer and cholesterol and a study on nanotherapeutics for cancer treatment. He demonstrates the importance of nanoparticle imaging agent size, chemical functionalization, and the feasibility of molecular imaging of cancer with various types of nanoparticles through his research. His research in imaging strategies will eventually lead to individualized programs for disease prevention through advanced diagnosis, risk stratification, and targeted therapies, resulting in more successful and efficient health care.

Dobrucki received his BS in Bioengineering from the University of Hamburg in 1996. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University, Athens, OH, in 2003 and a joint MSc in Bioengineering from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, and Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. Before joining the Department of Bioengineering as a tenure-track faculty member in 2013, Dobrucki was a junior faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine. He holds a faculty position with the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology and directs the Experimental Molecular Imaging Laboratory.