Rohit Bhargava, CCIL Director, and Georgina Cheng, Carle oncologist and surgeon 

Urbana, Ill. Cancer Center at Illinois (CCIL) researchers, in collaboration with clinicians at Carle Foundation Hospital, are working together to improve colorectal cancer screening techniques – leading to more efficient and precise diagnoses, and ultimately, lives saved.

Historically, wait times from a biopsy to the cancer diagnosis can vary due to laboratory technology and expertise. Rohit Bhargava, PhD, CCIL Director, and Georgina Cheng, MD, PhD, Carle oncologist and surgeon, recently received a large National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to develop an innovative technology that will rapidly reveal biopsy results.


Bhargava (back) and Cheng (front)

The study introduces a technology that measures the chemical content of tissues, does not require reagents, and leverages modern artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to provide a real-time histologic assessment of colorectal cancer. The proposed innovation is designed for ease of use, allowing lab technicians to retrieve results easily and effectively in just a matter of minutes. This CCIL-driven technology will empower both Carle clinicians and cancer patients – allowing oncologists and surgeons to make more precise decisions regarding tumor removal and giving patients a clear view of their best treatment options.

Drs. Bhargava and Cheng have been collaborating for several years to better understand and address colorectal cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the United States. This collaboration is part of the meaningful partnership between the two organizations that brings the promise of new technologies to patients.

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– Written by the CCIL Communications Team