CCIL members and Illinois researchers now have access to the NanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler through the Tumor Engineering and Phenotyping Shared Resource (TEP). This NanoString Profiler provides panels that typically have 770 genes, yielding a complete picture of a specific area of biology. Additionally, it gives the option for a more targeted approach using custom CodeSets, if you have a specific set of genes you’d like to profile. This technology allows the skipping of library prep, reverse transcription, and amplification that other platforms require, resulting in sensitive, linear, and reproducible data within 24 hours.

During the initial implementation phase ONLY, TEP has negotiated with Nanostring to give 25% OFF any Custom CodeSet or Panel through Oct. 31st.

For the first three CCIL members, TEP will run the nCounter SPRINT analysis for FREE (Note: this offer includes analysis of one cartridge for each of the first 3 CCIL members; there is an additional $200 fee for the cartridge). The regular charge for this analysis is $595 for the cartridge and analysis. 

Contact TEP to learn more about using the Nanostring nCounter. 

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