Cancer Therapeutics

University of Illinois researchers are leading national efforts in cancer therapeutics, combining their strength and expertise in organic and natural products chemistry to collaborate across campus and develop on-campus testing pipelines. From breast to brain cancers, Cancer Center at Illinois scientists are discovering new compounds, developing tissue model systems, and innovating drug delivery strategies using engineering technologies. Many therapeutics conceived at the Cancer Center at Illinois have moved into clinical trial phases, with track records of patient success and overall improved health outcomes. 

Learn more about the CCIL’s research program dedicated to cancer drug discovery.


Headshot of Martin Burke

Martin Burke

Professor, Chemistry

Paul Hergenrother Headshot

Paul Hergenrother

Deputy Director

Professor, Chemistry

Image of David Kranz

David Kranz

Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry

Image of Douglas Mitchell

Douglas Mitchell

Professor, Chemistry

Image of David Sarlah

David Sarlah

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Image of David Shapiro

David Shapiro

Professor, Biochemistry

Image of Stephan Sligar

Stephen Sligar

Professor, Biochemistry

Headshot of Michael Spinella

Michael Spinella

Professor, Comparative Biosciences