Rick Darnell

Interim Chief Advancement Officer for the Cancer Center at Illinois

Senior Vice President, Development at the University of Illinois Foundation

Donors who want to make an impactful investment toward a university priority within the Health Sciences Research Institutes can support any one or all three vital areas within the Center Center at Illinois (CCIL).

  • Instructional: gifts will support scholarships, academic programs, and cancer research leadership roles such as directorship, chairs, and research leaders. 
  • Infrastructure: gifts will support the tools and scientific equipment, from imaging sensors and systems to new molecular measurement methods to outfitting new state-of-the-art laboratories with the Cancer Center Research and Innovation Building.
  • Innovation: gifts will support research discoveries for new solutions in numerous cancers within two programs focused on six areas: drug discovery, pathways and mechanisms, natural and model systems, computational biology and engineering, molecular measurement, and imaging.

Contact Rick to learn more and join the fight against cancer.