Nicholas Wu

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Research Program: Cancer Discovery Platforms Bridging the Engineering-Biology Continuum
Strategic Theme: Pathways & Mechanisms

Wu’s lab mainly focuses on the biophysical characterization of antibody-antigen interaction. Through high-throughput screening and biophysical characterization of antibody variants, his lab’s research provides insights into the mechanisms of antibody binding to an antigen of interest and facilitates antibody engineering. While his previous antibody work has mostly been related to viruses, Wu’s current research interest has recently expanded to antibody-based therapeutics in cancer. Specifically, his lab is interested in discovering and optimizing antibodies that can potently inhibit tumor growth in vivo.

Wu received his B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Virginia, and he obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UCLA. Upon graduation, Wu worked as a postdoctoral fellow at The Scripps Research Institute where his research focused on structural biology. In 2020, Wu joined the Illinois School of Molecular and Cellular Biology as an assistant professor.