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Barbara Vance

Barbara A. Vance, PhD, CRA, is the Vice-President of Research Operations for Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Vance is the former Assistant Vice President and Associate Director for Administration at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami (Sylvester) and oversees and manages all research administrative operations including IT support services, database, and application development, Office of Community Outreach and Education, Office of Education and Training, Clinical Research Services, Research Administration (including pre- and post-award and developmental projects), Faculty Recruitment and Human Resources, Special Initiatives, and Facilities and Space Management. In addition, Dr. Vance has a broad biomedical/scientific background having earned BS, MS degrees (The Ohio State University), and a PhD (Dartmouth College).  After completing postdoctoral training, Dr. Vance was the Director of the Pre-clinical Core at the National Cancer Institute, overseeing the pre-clinical development of cellular products for the Transplantation and Immunology Branch followed by joining the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) to establish the basis for Abramson Cancer Center’s (ACC) Human Immunology Core Facility.  Dr. Vance has since served in several administrative capacities including Assistant Administrator and Associate Director for Research Administration at ACC, Executive Director for Administration at NYU Langone Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, and the Administrative Director for Science and Technology for the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at Penn.  Dr. Vance is driven by a passion for science and a dedication to facilitating the many aspects of Research Administration required to support science discovery and its application to improving human health.