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C★STAR Program

Carle Foundation Hospital, through its Cancer Center, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have jointly established the Cancer Scholars for Translational and Applied Research (C★STAR) graduate educational program that fosters translational research and near-term benefits to the patients served in the community.

Each institution offers expertise and strong programs in cancer that are complementary. The university offers strength in basic science, technology, and engineering. Within these areas, there are four distinct, yet interlocking themes of molecular mechanisms, diagnostic technologies and imaging, computational and precision medicine, and social and behavioral sciences.

In a corresponding manner, Carle has intersecting components that highlight pre-cancer or preventative care, cancer diagnosis and treatment, and survivorship (i.e., organ function, emotional and psychological well-being, and length and quality of life).

Five cancer-based sites have been identified for focus and research. These areas include (1) breast (area of emphasis with the greatest potential), (2) prostate, (3) gastrointestinal issues, (4) gynecological issues, and (5) lung.

The long-term collaborative goals of the program are to:

  • Foster connections between Carle physician-scientists and Illinois faculty that lead to innovative research projects.
  • Develop the foundation for tangible translational outcomes.
  • Develop a graduate education program that is supported by an NIH T-32 grant.
  • More effectively include Carle physicians, resources, and facilities into multi-PI efforts.
  • Employ the program to attract high-quality clinician-scientists to Carle and translation-focused faculty to the university.

C★STAR Program Guidelines


Application Requirements

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Program Dates:

Submission Deadline:       July 5, 2018

Award Notification:         July 23, 2018

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