The team includes, from left, graduate student Emily Geddes, pathobiology professor Gee Lau, chemistry professor Paul Hergenrother, postdoctoral researcher Hyang Yeon Lee, and postdoctoral researcher Erica Parker.

Paul Hergenrother, professor of chemistry, collaborated with Gee Lau, professor of pathobiology, graduate student Emily Geddes, and postdoctoral researchers Hyang Yeon Lee and Erica Parker to develop an app that evaluates drug compounds that accumulate in Gram-negative bacteria. This type of bacteria is typically antibiotic-resistant and is so challenging that the FDA has not approved new classes of drugs for Gram-negative pathogens in 50 years. The free tool, called eNTRyway, can be used to speed the discovery of antibiotic drugs by identifying whether they have the characteristics which enable them to cross the extra outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria.

The paper reporting these findings can be accessed online from Nature Microbiology. 


– Written by the CCIL Communications Team 

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