Cancer Center at Illinois Ambassador Program

Krush Cancer - Students Wearing Shirts and Cheering

Do you want to be part of growing CCIL’s campaign network that is helping to beat cancer? Do you want to influence students to prioritize cancer research and advocacy? Can you use your passion and enthusiasm to encourage people to take action?

If you’re a University of Illinois student who is passionate, motivated, and likes standing up for what you believe in, we want you!

Read on to find out how you can volunteer to become a Cancer Canter at Illinois Ambassador now.

Why should I become a Cancer Center at Illinois Ambassador?

We know that one day research will beat cancer. This is because key decisions on prevention, early diagnosis, and new cancer treatments lie in the hands of the incredible research that is happening on our campus. With your help, we can increase awareness that builds a community of like-minded people that translates our research discoveries into lifesaving initiatives.

What will I be doing?

You will use your passion, enthusiasm, and stories to bring our campaigns to life; influencing student organizations to ensure cancer is a priority. Ambassadors receive updates every 1-2 weeks on the exciting activities they can get involved in to support our campaigns. We estimate you’d need to able to volunteer 2 hours of your time each month plus, a full day for big campaigning events, once or twice a year.

What are the benefits of becoming an ambassador?

  • You will be able to share your passion for beating cancer with the people who have the power to make a difference
  • A chance to develop a wide range of skills and improve your CV, plus gain new experiences you normally wouldn’t have (e.g. invitation to CCIL events/ conferences)
  • An opportunity to meet likeminded people from different walks of life

What skills do I need?

  • The willingness to learn and draw upon your confidence and enthusiasm to interact with a variety of audiences, including other current students, potential future students, campus leadership and potential supporters of CCIL
  • Commitment and determination to increase awareness about Cancer Center at Illinois and the impact our research efforts will make in cancer prevention, treatment, and cures

I’m interested. How do I get involved?

Great! To join the Cancer Center at Illinois Ambassador program contact Amber Lannert, Senior Director of Advancement,