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Shuming Nie

Professor, Bioengineering

Shuming Nie, PhD, holds the Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering, and is a professor of bioengineering, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering. He is also affiliated with the Beckman Institute, the Micro/Nanotechnology Lab, and the Carle Woese Institute for Genomic Biology. His research interest is primarily in the areas of cancer nanomedicine, image-guided cancer surgery, immuno-engineering and cell-based cancer therapy. Dr. Nie is one of the most highly cited scholars in the world, and his academic work has been cited over 58,000 times. Dr. Nie has established clinical collaborations with thoracic surgeons at UPenn, neurosurgeons at Mount Sinai Hospital (New York), and GI surgeons at Emory University to develop clinically applicable nanoparticles and spectroscopic instrumentation for intraoperative cancer detection and image-guided surgery. During the last 5 years, his collaborative teams have been engaged in seven clinical trials for image-guided cancer surgery, enrolling more than 300 cancer patients at multiple hospital sites.

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