Saurabh Sinha

Professor, Computer Science

Saurabh Sinha, PhD, is a Professor of Computer Science and the Institute of Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His research falls in the area of regulatory genomics and big data genomics. He serves as the co-Director and Research PI of the BD2K Center of Excellence at UIUC, where new cutting-edge tools are being developed to address major problems in cancer informatics. These include data mining and machine learning tools to analyze gene expression data to find genes and pathways associated cytotoxic response in cell lines, as well as tools to integrate multiple ‘omics’ data types such as genotype, epigenotype and gene expression, to identify regulatory mechanisms underlying drug response variation. Other important informatics problems being tackled include cancer patient stratification, cancer signature analysis and reconstruction of transcriptional regulatory networks related to specific cancer subtypes. Sinha’s work brings a variety of computational and statistical approaches to bear upon these problems, including machine learning techniques for high dimensional genomics data, and incorporation of heterogeneous biological networks into machine learning tasks.

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