Rohit Bhargava


Dr. Bhargava received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 2000 and undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 1996. He is a professor in the UIUC Department of Bioengineering and a full-time faculty member in the Beckman Institute Bioimaging Science and Technology group.

The central theme of research in his group is the development of novel chemical imaging technology and structures that can be employed to detect, diagnose and understand tissue structure and cancer pathology. These biological sensors may be optical (spectroscopic imaging), material (probes) or computational and physical models. Another major theme is the development of novel instrumentation approaches to fast, high fidelity infrared spectroscopic imaging and development of novel algorithms for information extraction from large imaging data sets.


Infrared spectroscopic imaging, Cancer pathology, Probes for molecular imaging, Polymer structure, and numerical methods for image processing

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*University of Illinois Cancer Center Member