Rashid Bashir


Dr. Bashir is the Abel Bliss Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Bioengineering, Director of the Micro and NanoTechnology Laboratory (a campus wide clean room facility) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Co-Director of the campus-wide Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, a collaboratory aimed to facilitate center grants and large initiatives around campus in the area of nanotechnology. He has authored or co-authored over 130 journal papers, over 160 conference papers and conference abstracts, over 90 invited talks, and has been granted 34 patents. He is a fellow of IEEE, AIMBE, and AAAS.

His research interests include Bionanotechnology, BioMEMS, Lab on a chip, interfacing biology and engineering from molecular to tissue scale, and applications of semiconductor fabrication to biomedical engineering, all applied to solve biomedical problems. He has been involved in 2 startups that have licensed his technologies (BioVitesse, Inc. and Daktari Diagnostics).

In addition to his own research group, he is the PI on an NSF IGERT on Cellular and Molecular Mechanics and Bionanotechnology and PI on an NIH Training Grant on Cancer Nanotechnology. He is also a project lead on an NSF Science and Technology Center on Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems (head quartered at MIT, and partners at GT and UIUC) and Member of Executive Committee of the NSF NSEC at OSU. He also serves on external advisory board of the NIH funded BioMEMS Resource Center at Harvard/MGH and the NIH funded Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Stanford University.

Cancer related projects and interests include detection of DNA methylation using nanopore sensors, Detection of miRNA from cancer cells using nanowire sensors, Single cell adherent growth and characterization using resonant mass sensors, and polymeric microenvironments for examining cancer and vascularization.


Nanotechnology, Bionanotechnology, Lab on Chip, Diagnostics, Biosensors

More Information

Visit http://libna.mntl.illinois.edu/ to learn more about Dr. Bashir, or visit http://libna.mntl.illinois.edu/pages/publications/journals.html for publication information.

*University of Illinois Cancer Center Member