Michelle Barton, PhD

Michelle Barton grew up on a small family farm in Illinois. She went to the University of Illinois-Urbana, as the first in her family to go to college, and received her BS in biochemistry. After working as a research assistant at the Boston University Medical School, she returned to University of Illinois and received her PhD in Biochemistry, working with Dr. David Shapiro in the field of estrogen regulation of gene expression. Dr. Barton went to San Diego for her postdoctoral studies in the field of epigenetics, working with Dr. Beverly Emerson at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies. These studies were supported by fellowships from the Anna Fuller Foundation and an NIH NRSA. Dr. Barton’s first faculty appointment was at the University of Cincinnati Medical School, where she was promoted to Associate Professor. Soon after, she was recruited to the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2000. At MD Anderson, she is a full professor in the Department of Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis and the Colin Powell Chair for Cancer Research. In 2012, she became the MD Anderson Dean of the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.