Jian Ma


Dr. Ma joined the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an Assistant Professor in August 2009. He is also a Faculty Member of the Institute for Genomic Biology, the Center for Biophyiscs and Computational Biology, and an Affiliate of the Parallel Computing Institute and the Department of Computer Science at UIUC. Before moving to Illinois, he was a postdoc scholar with David Haussler at UC Santa Cruz. He received his PhD in Computer Science in December 2006 from Penn State under the supervision of Webb Miller. He is a recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2011) and was named as one of “Tomorrow’s PIs” by Genome Technology magazine (2011).

Dr. Ma’s research focuses on computational genomics. His group uses comparative genomics approach to better understand the human genome. His lab also utilizes next-generation sequencing technologies to elucidate the complexity of cancer genomes, developing efficient tools to handle massive amount of sequence data (transcriptome, genome, and epigenome) in order to discover key alterations associated with cancer development and cancer evolution.


Computational biology, cancer genomics, high-throughput sequencing data analysis

More Information

Visit http://compbio.bioen.illinois.edu/ to learn more about Dr. Ma, including publication information.

*University of Illinois Cancer Center Member