Hillary Klonoff-Cohen


Dr. Klonoff-Cohen is the Saul J. Morse and Anne B. Morgan Professor in Applied Health Sciences in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. Her area of expertise focuses on cancer epidemiology in children and women of reproductive age. Her approach to research is to integrate biological, behavioral, cultural, and socio-political aspects of cancer and cancer prevention. One of her first translational studies confirmed that breast cancer surgical procedures conducted during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle resulted in 2.3 times the risk of breast cancer recurrence while adjusting for potential confounders. The novelty of this study was working with the body’s predictable biologic rhythms in order to find a simple, less invasive, therapeutic tool to treat premenopausal breast cancer.

Dr. Klonoff-Cohen has also been keen about combining her past interests of infertility and cancer to perform rsearch in the field of fertility preservation. Therefore, she recently conducted a NCI pilot study in California to identify disparities in cancer patients seeking fertility preservation. Further interests include establishing a national fertility preservations registry and developing an instrument to ascertain patient cncerns and stresses about undergoing fertility preservation.

Additionally, Dr. Klonoff-Cohen is completing a national, bilingual website for NCI to increase awareness about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of late effects of childhood cancer for the public, physicians and patients. Her interests in late effects and overall quality of life for pediatric cancer patients and survivors have provided her the opportunity to develop better communication and risk reduction methods for this vulnerable population.


Cancer epidemiology, fertility preservation, childhood cancer, breast cancer, cancer disparities

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