Benita S. Katzenellenbogen


Dr. Benita Katzenellenbogen’s professional career has been directed to elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone-mediated regulation of the phenotypic properties of reproductive target tissues and of tumors that develop in these tissues, especially breast cancer. Her research has been especially focused on estrogen receptors and their mechanistic, physiological, and integrative actions, and on improving the effectiveness of endocrine therapies in breast cancer. Her laboratory has published extensively on global gene expression analyses of estrogen action and genome-wide interactions of estrogen receptors and collaborating transcription factors and protein kinases in breast cancer cells, and on nuclear and extranuclear initiated actions of estrogens, and mechanisms of nuclear receptor and growth factor signaling resulting in therapy resistance, and markers for risk of recurrence in different subtypes of breast cancer.

Dr. Katzenellenbogen’s interests include: Breast Cancer and Hormone-Dependent Cancers; Endocrine Therapies and overcoming or preventing endocrine therapy resistance; Estrogen and Growth Factor Receptor Signaling Pathways in breast cancer, genome interactions and regulation of gene expression and cell phenotypic properties.


Breast Cancer, Uterine/Endometrial Cancer, Estrogen Receptors, SERMs , Aromatase Inhibitors, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), Botanical Estrogens, Predictors of Tumor , Aggressiveness and Risk of Recurrence, Markers of Resistance to Therapy, Endocrine Therapies and Endocrine Therapy Resistance, Cancer Genomics, Cistromes, Transcriptomes

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*University of Illinois Cancer Center Member