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Benita Katzenellenbogen

Professor Emerita, College of Medicine at Illinois

Benita Katzenellenbogen, PhD’s laboratory is interested in understanding the biochemistry, physiology, and molecular biology of nuclear hormone (estrogen, progesterone) receptors, intracellular proteins that mediate the actions of these hormones in normal target cells and in cancer cells and tumors. Studies focus on the characterization of these receptors and their coregulator protein partners; the interaction of receptor agonist versus antagonist ligand complexes with hormone-regulated genes; the interrelationships among hormones, growth factors, and various cell signaling pathways in the regulation of proliferation and phenotypic properties of breast cancer cells and tumors; and the mechanisms by which antihormones suppress gene transcription and cancer proliferation and progression. We are doing genome-wide analyses of receptor and other transcription factor cistromes (chromatin binding sites by ChIP-Seq) and transcriptomes (gene expression, miRNAs, other RNAs by RNA-Seq) and are examining the bidirectional cross-talk between nuclear hormone receptors and cell signaling pathways. We have a major interest in hormones and breast cancer and in mechanisms of endocrine sensitivity and resistance to cancer therapies; and biomarker discovery and improving cancer treatment effectiveness.

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