Cancer Research Advocacy Group

Simply put, the purpose of CRAG is:

“To Promote Interaction between Cancer Survivors, Researchers and Clinicians”

Facilitating discussions among cancer survivors, cancer researchers, and clinicians treating cancer will, we believe, lead to better outcomes for all three groups. Survivor/advocate and clinician feedback can inform research, which in turn will produce new clinical trials, where more feedback from patients and clinicians can be produced to generate another iteration of the process. The ‘bench to bedside’, and ‘bedside to bench’ flow of information is what CRAG seeks promote in order to advance the fight against cancer.


The long-term goals of CRAG are as follows:

  • To promote innovative, evidence-based, patient-centered, translational research, through the inclusion of cancer advocates.
  • Foster and expand opportunities for advocates in the UIUC research community and beyond.

We encourage participation from the following groups:

  • Cancer Advocates
  • Community Representatives
  • Research Scientists

Please contact Drs. Erik Nelson or Zeynep Madak-Erdogan for more information about CRAG.