Cancer Scholars Cohorts

The Cancer Scholars program was launched in the fall of 2014 and was created to provided a unique, interdisciplinary student learning experience for undergraduate students. One of the main goals of the program is to advance the detection and treatment of cancer through engineering solutions.


The 2016 group of Illinois Cancer Scholars includes the following 14 students: Bear Bissen, Katie Douglas, Dohun Jeong, Kendall Junger, Monika Kizerwetter, Angie Lee, Bella Lee, Tarun Nagarajan, Claire Niewiara, Michael Qian, Ana Rivero Valles, Pranav Srinivas, Jason Wu, and Daniel Zou.

2016 Cancer Scholars Cohort


In 2015 the students selected for the Illinois Cancer Scholars program were: Jason Au, Lily Benig, Will Herbert, Boeun Hwang, Arvind Kamal, Melina Megaridis, Emily Race, Mary Rhode, Tanmay Sha, Erin Tevonian, and Bill Xun.

2015 Cancer Scholars


The 2014 group of Illinois Cancer Scholars were: Lily Barghi, Christopher Cheng, Miranda Dawson, Pierce Hadley, Madelyn O’Gorman, Christian Pressnall, Lauren Sargent, Sreyesh Rishi Satpathy, Christopher Schofield, Kinsey Schultheis, Hanway Wang, and Kassidy Zhou.

2014 Cancer Scholars